Recycling In Computer Science

What and where to recycle

Reviewed by Bil Hays 04/29/2014

Here’s a list of items that we recycle in Computer Science, and some information on how we recycle them.


Corrugated Cardboard: Please flatten corrugated cardboard boxes and leave them by either one of the housekeepers closets or in one of the recycling bins marked for corrugated cardboard. We also pick up flattened boxes from SN107 and SN110. Please do not put corrugated cardboard in with other types of paper or in the trash–UNC incurs fines for cardboard that winds up in the landfill.


Bottles and Cans: Please rinse bottles and cans, and put them in an appropriate bin. You can also recycle yogurt containers.


Mixed Paper/Newspapers and Magazines: Colored or white paper from printers and copiers, card stock, glue bound books, envelopes. Paper towels that are not greasy can be recycled. Books in small quantities can be put in these bins as well, if the covers are removed. For large quantities of books, please email to and ask for a bin for your office. If the books may be of interest to others, consider placing them in the free library shelves in the Sitterson lower lobby.


Batteries: Please bring batteries for recycling to the Computer Services shop (SN128). We also have a container for recycling alkaline batteries in SN110, in the bookcase.


Office Purges: If you would like to get rid of a large quantity of paper, please send email to and ask for a bin for your office. Once you’re done with it, we can have it picked up.


Confidential Paper: If you wish to dispose of material that is confidential, such as student papers or exams, we have a shredder in SN107. Or, you can box up the material, and label the box as confidential material to be shredded,  and we can arrange for the material to be picked up and shredded. Computer Services can provide boxes as needed.


Circuit boards and electronic components: Please bring these to SN128, we have a bin for electronic components there.


Metal: Metals such as steel or copper (such as old cabling) can be recycled through UNC Surplus, please box and drop them off at the Electronics Shop (SN128).


Transparency Film: To recycle these on-campus, send used transparency film through campus mail to the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling, CB# 1800.