Public Labs

A list of special purpose and general lab spaces in Computer Science

Reviewed by Bil Hays 04/25/2014

Special Purpose Labs

Office of the Future Lab, FB241A
Computer Vision Lab, FB241B
Simulation Center, FB241C
Hacker Space, SN027
Software Systems Lab, SN136
Real-Time Lab, SN143
Network Lab, SN156
Enabling Technologies, SN229
Eve Ceiling Tracker Lab, SN232
Applied Engineering Lab, SN247
Optics Lab, SN248
CISMM Lab, SN264
Robotics Lab, SN265
Telepresence Lab, SN277
Bioinformatics Computer Lab, SN310

Public Rooms with Computer Equipment

Printer/scanner room, SN146
Multimedia Resource Room, SN245
Video Editing/Printing, SN243
Printer/copier/scanner room, SN342