Printer Locations

Locations of public printers

Reviewed by bil hays 7.15.2017

We have a number of public printers that are available in Computer Science.  Each printer has a name from UNIX that you can use to specify a particular printer on our login machines, or is available via our print servers.

In general you can set up a printer:

  1. Through the unix print server,, using the name associated with the printer as the name of the queue.
  2. Through the windows print server,, selecting the printer from it’s list of printers.
  3. Manually creating the printer via your OS. We don’t recommend this method.

All of the public printers are capable of printing in duplex mode, i.e., on both sides of a sheet. To print in duplex from UNIX, append a “d” to the printer name, e.g., “ljsn314d”.

Please note, use of our printers and copiers is restricted to UNC CH Computer Science Faculty, Staff and Students and is restricted to Computer Science Department related printing only. Personal use (such as printing out homework, assignments, articles, handouts or flyers) is not allowed. Groups associated with CS may request printing privileges for special events, such requests should be sent to

Non affiliates or affiliates with personal items to print should use one of the UNC One Card printers, located next door in Peabody Hall and Carroll Hall.

Misuse of copiers or printers is an 
Honor Code Violation.

See the list of public printers for names, types and locations of printers.