Phone System

Phone System Information

Reviewed by David Musick 11/05/2014

In the spring of 2013 we purchased a Voice over IP phone system based on the Switchvox 355 Appliance, along with 170 Digium phones.  Installation was completed in August 2013.

The department’s phone numbers are in the range 919-590-6000 to 919-590-6249. Faculty numbers are listed here, staff numbers are listed here, and phone numbers for rooms, fax machines, etc. are listed here.

If you had a phone on the old system and have not already done so, you should login to to change or delete your phone number in the campus online system.

On a related note, we have asked graduate students for a phone number where we can reach them, but they have the option to request that number be for emergency use only and not publicized.