Mounting CIFS Shares in Linux

Reviewed by bil hays 09/16/2016

From a linux machine, it’s a little complicated. First install cifs-utils:
sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

Then make a mount point that’s not in your home dir (if that’s in afs,
it gets awkward since you need to use root to mount a share and sudo
doesn’t pass your tickets/tokens to root).

I’ve been putting it in /media
mkdir /media/Shared

You need to know your uid and gid. The gid and id match your cs account, you can use the id command to see
what they are.

id -u “your-username”
id -g “your-username”

Then sudo -i to get to root and run:
sudo mount //hostname/share -t cifs -o
uid=”your-uid”,gid=”your-gid”,username=”your-username” /media/Shared

If it works, you should be able to access the Shared folder from /media/Shared.