Microsoft Update for Windows XP

Instructions for manually updating Windows XP via the Windows Update service.


Instructions for running Microsoft Windows Update under Windows XP


This process will most likely require you to reboot your computer, so please plan accordingly.

If you are need assistance with this, please email


Please note that Microsoft is no longer releasing new updates for Windows XP.  This page has been retained for historical purposes and to assist in patching any new installs.


1. Open Internet Explorer. Click on the “Tools” menu, then “Windows Update”.





2. Click the “Express” button .




3. Click “Install Updates”.




4. Click “I Accept” if you are presented with license terms for one or more of the updates.




5. Most updates will require a reboot. Click “Restart Now” to restart your machine. It may be necessary to repeat this entire process if step 3 did not allow you to install all available updates during this session.




If you have any questions regarding running Windows Update on your computer, please email