Making Posters

Creating wall posters with the HP plotter

Reviewed by Bil Hays 5/2/2014

Designing Posters

The following four PowerPoint files provide information and templates for creating research project posters to be hung on the walls of the Department of Computer Science.  Posters may be created with other dimensions, but if the poster is to be printed on the department’s plotter, it must be no wider than 35″ (see “Printing Posters” below).

Printing Posters

Please note that students and faculty from departments other than Computer Science are not permitted to use the HP DesignJet printer in Sitterson Hall. The only exception to this rule is if your poster is for a Department of Computer Science-affiliated project.  If you are not a member of the Department of Computer Science, you can contact FedEx Office to have your poster printed.

Wall posters are printed on the HP DesignJet Plotter, which is located in the Multimedia Room (SN 245).  The plotter prints on paper that is 36″ wide.  You should select paper size “ARCH D” for 24″ x 35″ posters, and “ARCH E” for 35″ x 48″ posters.  Detailed instructions for printing posters on the Plotter can be found on the wall above the computer in the Multimedia Room.

For assistance with printing posters, please email

Dry-Mounting & Laminating Posters

Posters can be laminated, drymounted or both. Most of the posters around the department have been drymounted and have a matte laminate finish to protect them from fading, and it is preferable that you have your poster drymounted if you would like it hung somewhere in the building.  If you need assistance with having your poster laminated or drymounted, please provide the Publications & Publicity Manager with the printed poster and an account number. If you are planning to take your poster to a conference or other event where you need to transport it (particularly on a plane), you will not want to have it laminated or drymounted first as it will be difficult to transport.

Please note that drymounting is a high-heat process.  If your poster is printed with a waxy finish, or if it is already laminated with a plastic laminate, it cannot be drymounted. Posters printed on the HP Plotter in the Multimedia Room are perfect for drymounting!

There are a couple of vendors you can contact to have your poster laminated or drymounted:

FedExOffice – located at 114 W. Franklin Street
(919) 967-0790

  • Can print posters with one side measuring 36″ maximum
  • Can laminate posters with a plastic laminate up to 36″ wide
  • Can drymount posters up to 32″ x 40″

The Print Shop – located in University Mall
(919) 942-7306

  • Can drymount posters up to 48″ x 96″

Hanging Posters in Sitterson

When your poster is ready to be hung on the wall, the Pubications & Publicity Manager will contact you to determine the best place for it, either in a lab near your particular research area, in one of the hallways on levels 1, 2, and 3, or in the lower lobby.  As new posters are created, older posters may be be rotated to less-prominent locations.  A Computer Services staff member will hang the poster on the wall.  If the Publications & Publicity manager is unavailable and you need a poster to be hung, contact Computer Services (help at, specifying where you want the poster to be mounted and someone will get back in touch with you.