Mail Lists

Computer Science and campus email lists

Reviewed by Bil Hays 12/18/16

Both the Computer Science Department and the campus have mail servers, which allow you to easily send email to groups of people. The Computer Science Department maintains two forms of email lists, and the campus has one list server. These are described below, along with some frequently used lists in the department. To have a list created, send a request to The default for a departmental list is to use a Google group, since they are simple to use and users can set them up on their own.

Google Groups

In Google, groups serve both as mail lists and for giving permissions. Many of the standard department mail lists are handled via Google groups now, e.g., faculty, staff, and grads. These are system-wide groups that everyone can see, but it is also possible for users to make their own groups. For more information on Google Groups, see the Google Groups help article.

Mailman Lists

The email lists on the department’s mail server use the mailman list management package. Users can administer their own mailman lists via the web. The mailman web interface provides a great number of options, including the option to exclude email from users not on the list. To send mail to a mailman list, you address your email to, where listname is the name of the list, exactly as you would do with a Google group, above. If you need the extensive control afforded by mailman lists, send email to, and specify that you want a mailman list and why. If we cannot provide the same function with a Google group, Computer Services will set up the list, with the requester of the the list as owner, and mailman will send the owner a random password. The email to the list administrator also includes a link to the web administration page for the newly created list. Publicly visible email lists in the department can be viewed at the Department Mailman List Information Page.

The UNC-CH Lyris Listserver

ITS runs a Lyris List Server, and you can access the user interface for the campus list server at the Lyris Listserver Home Page. You can send mail to a list on this server at, where listname is the name of the list. Besides the web interface, list commands, such as subscribe or review, may also be sent directly to the server for processing with an email to ITS plans to replace the Lyris List Server sometime in the future, but the details so far are sketchy.

Some frequently used lists in the department:

acct – Travel, accounting, and post award

adminstaff – Administrative staff

classes-only – Non-majors with Computer Science class accounts

computerservices – Full-time Computer Services employees

dfc – Departmental Facilities Committee, aka Facilities and Web Committee

facil-all – All Computer Services employees

faculty – Faculty whose main appointment is in this department and who have an office here

faculty-other – Adjunct faculty, retired faculty, and visiting faculty

fac-meeting – Faculty, faculty-other, postdocs, and staff with an interest in the faculty meetings

fac-meeting-minus-faculty – The same as fac-meeting, but without faculty. (This is used for forwarding mail that faculty already got to the rest of the fac-meeting list.)

er – External Relations staff

glabcomm – Graphics Lab Committee – graphics faculty

grads – Computer Science graduate students

help – Computer Services assistance

hr – Human resources and payroll

majors – Declared computer science undergraduate majors. Posting to this list is restricted, please contact the Chair if you want to post here.

resadmin – Research proposal submission and preaward

staff – All staff members

The “standard” naming convention for class mail lists is compNNN[-XXX] where NNN is the class number, and [-XXX] is the section number, if there are multiple sections.

For example,