Mail List Changes

Changes to Computer Science email lists

Reviewed by Bil Hays 5/2/14

Some of our department mail lists changed at the end of 2010, as listed below.

New and changed lists:

classes-only: This includes anyone who is not in the grads or majors lists below and has a Computer Science account because they are taking a class in this department.
faculty: This now includes only appointed Computer Science faculty members.
faculty-other: This includes adjuncts, visiting faculty, and retired faculty, except those who asked not to be on the departmental lists.  Note that there is no overlap between the faculty and faculty-other lists.
fac-meeting: This includes faculty, faculty-other, postdocs, and various staff members who want to be informed of the topics of faculty meetings.
gcap: This is for the Graduate Curriculum and Planning Committee.
grads: This includes only Computer Science graduate students, and it replaces the old student mail list.
majors: This includes declared undergraduate Computer Science majors, and it replaces the old csmajors mail list.
staff: This consists of five lists:  admin-staff, computer-services, rsac-staff, research-staff, and postdocs.  Note that there is no overlap among these lists.
ugcap: This is for the Undergraduate Curriculum and Planning Committee.

Lists that no longer exist:

student, csmajors, ugrads: Use the new lists above to contact people you previously emailed with these lists.
cap, capcom, and gradcapcom: These lists are replaced by gcap and ugcap.