Mac Network Connections

How to connect a Macbook or Powerbook laptop to the department’s networks

Reviewed by Bil Hays 04/25/2013


Wired Connections


For a direct Ethernet connection within Sitterson, send mail to and request that a connection be installed  at the location in Sitterson or Brooks where you will be using your PowerBook.  Please specify the port number to which you wish to connect your laptop, and  let us know if there’s no free port. You should also send help your ethernet interface’s MAC (aka hardware) address so we can assign you an IP number. You can get the MAC address from the System Preferences–go to the Networking, and for the built-in Ethernet, choose the Advanced button, and the mac address will be listed under the Ethernet tab. You can also  get the MAC address from the command line using the command, ifconfig.

We will enable the port (making it “live”) and provide an Ethernet cable. Please leave the cable we provide connected to the wall so we will know that the port is in use. If you need a cable to carry with you, we can provide that as well.


Wireless Connections


For wireless connections on the public Tar-heel network (available in many parts of the building) you should only have to activate your airport connection and let it connect. This network is limited, however, to web and a few other protocols, and is heavily filtered in terms of connections to unc addresses.  To use UNC-Secure, first connect to UNC-Setup and follow the instructions in a browser (it will take you to the setup no matter where you try to connect).