Mac Backups

An overview of the CS departmental Mac backup service

Reviewed by bil hays 07.30..2017

Computer Services offers a nightly backup service for all UNC-owned Macs in the building. This backup service is on an opt-in basis only, so you must request that your system be backed up before you can participate. Backups are kept for three months. Also, we have file servers that are backed up and a good place to store data safely, we have unlimited Google drive space and you should use that to backup your workstation and laptop

Please note that the Macs used for Non Linear Editing of digital video and other public Macs are not backed up.

We will back up one directory of your choice to our Mac Backup server and from the server to tape. The directory can be any place on your system and must be readable by Computer Services or one of our administrative accounts to allow us to sync the data up to the server. We will also back up one machine per user, so if you have more than one you will need to choose which to back up.

We suggest that you leave your Mac on throughout the night. If your Mac is not running, no backups will run. You will also want to make sure that your Mac is set not to go to sleep during the backup process. To do so, open the ‘Energy Saver’ control panel and slide the top bar to ‘Never’, which should prevent your Mac from going to sleep during the backup process. You will also need to make sure that the box beside “Put the hard disk(s) to sleep whenever possible…” is not checked.

Finally, we ask that you not change the name of the hard disk on your Mac, the network name of the Mac, or the owner name of the Mac, without notifying

Please send email to requesting that your machine be added to the Mac backup service. You will need to include the host name of your machine and the path of the backup directory.