ITS Services

ITS Services

Reviewed by Bil Hays 9/5/2016

Information Technology Services (ITS) has a variety of services that may be quite useful to folks in the Computer Science Department. These include campus accounts with space on campus file server systems; email and calendar services via outlook; web hosting facilities; and linux-based research computing resources, including bioscience, statistical, and scientific computing, mass storage, and database access.

To get a login on the campus systems, go to

and click on “Create an Onyen”. (“Onyen” is an acronym for “Only Name You’ll Ever Need” and is the campus’s attempt at a single sign-on.) You’ll need your PID to get an Onyen. You can find this on your UNC-1 card. It takes a minute or so for your Onyen to be created and your home directory to be set up. The disk quota for undergrads is 100 MB, and the quota for faculty, staff, and grads is 250 MB. The account works on the campus login servers. To get there, connect via ssh from a UNIX system or via SecureCRT on a PC to

Once you have an Onyen, you can go to the web page above and click on “Subscribe to services” to get access to the various services.