Front Desk

Services provided at the front desk

Reviewed by bil hays 7.15.2017

The Sitterson Hall front desk provides a limited set of services to members of the Computer Science Department during the first week of the fall semester and spring semester, starting on the first day of classes.  During these weeks, the front desk is open Monday through Friday, 9-11 and 2-3 (except it is closed 10:30-11:00 on Tuesday for our staff meeting).  The person staffing the front desk can provide directions, log tickets, hand out login packets for new users, and they can provide assistance with some technical problems, such as resetting passwords.  If the staff member at the front desk cannot solve a user’s problem immediately, he or she will log a Remedy ticket to an appropriate member of the Computer Services staff.

The person at the front desk will be reading and responding to mail sent to, or you can call them at 919-590-6172.

If the front desk is not currently staffed, you can report problems or ask questions by sending email to  For emergencies, during workdays, you can try to find a member of the Computer Services staff, half of whom have offices on the east hallway of level 1 of Sitterson Hall.  As an alternative, or during off hours, you can report emergencies using the Computer Services pager at 919-216-1773.  For less urgent situations, you can also log your own tickets about technical issues at


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