This document describes how to use the department’s fax machines, how to fax from desktop and how to receive incoming faxes to email address using your phone number.

Reviewed by David Harrison  6/17/2014

We have three Xerox 5745 printer/copier/scanner/fax devices in the department, in SN107, SN266, and FB309, and these handle the fax function for the department.  We no longer have any separate fax devices. The fax (on the Xerox multifunction device) in SN107 (919-590-6105) is considered the main departmental fax machine.   Instructions for using each of the Xerox device’s functions, including the fax, are on the wall above the multifunction device.  This page tells how to use the fax, how to “print” to the fax or print from desktop, and it gives info on sending personal faxes.

Phone numbers for the three fax machines:

SN107:  919-590-6105 (main department fax machine)

SN266:  919-590-6166

FB309:  919-590-6111

To use the fax on a Xerox device:

1. Load your documents face up in the document feeder input tray.  Adjust the guide to touch the documents.  Alternatively, lift thedocument feeder, place the document face down onto the document glass, and position the document in the top right rear corner, where the arrow is.

2. Press the Clear All button once to cancel any previous screen programing selections.

3. Press the Services Home button and select the Fax option.  The Fax features are displayed.

4. Enter the recipient’s fax number using the numeric keypad.

NOTE: DO NOT USE “7” or “9” before the number.

• For local calls: area code+number. (10 digits)

• For long distance calls: 1+area code+number.

• For international calls:  011+country code+city code+number.

5. To send a fax to multiple recipients, select Add to add additional recipients to the Recipient list.

6. Select the required features for your fax job using the touch screen, e.g., Cover Letter or 2-sided originals.

7. Press Start to scan the originals and process the fax job.  Remove the originals from the document feeder or document glass when scanning has completed.

Note:  The fax job enters the job list ready for sending.

8. Select Job Status to view the job list and check the status of your job.

Please note that if the there is an error when sending a fax from the Xerox multifunction (printer/copier/scanner/fax) device in SN107, it prints out a page saying there was an error, and the error printout includes a reduced-size image of the first page of your job.  This may be a problem if you don’t use a cover sheet and your fax includes some sensitive information on the first page.  To avoid this, use a cover sheet. You can do that using the paper cover sheets in SN107.  If you use the print to fax option for the Xerox device, there is a cover sheet option once you select Fax as the job type.  See below.

“Printing” to the Fax – Fax from Desktop

You can also print jobs to this fax machine.  To do this in Windows, you will first need to add the driver for the Xerox device (xrxsn107 or xrxsn266 or xrxfb309) to your computer, as described in the help page on Windows printing.

Click on “File” in the top right hand corner of the Microsoft Word toolbar and navigate down to the “Print” option on the menu:



Then, under “Printer”, select “xrxsn107” (red circle).


Click on “Printer Properties” to open the printing properties window (blue circle).

In the printer properties window that opens, select “Fax” from the “Job Type” drop down box:



Once you click Fax, you must specify one or more recipients.  Click on the picture of a person with an arrow pointing down. In the next box, add the recipients’ names and their fax numbers.


You can save the recipient in your address book for later use.  At this point you can also click on “Cover Sheet” and fill in the information you want included on the cover sheet.  Alternatively, if you are faxing a Word or Excel document, you can add the department’s MS Word cover page or MS Excel cover page at the beginning of your document.


Receive Incoming Faxes to your email address

Faculty and Staff can receive incoming faxes using your phone number.  Faxes will be delivered into the email addresses that you specify. This is useful if you want to be notified at both your work and personal email addresses, or if you want your administrative assistant to be notified. You can also modify or delete these email addresses.  To receive an incoming fax provide the person with your phone number, same as your voice line 919.590.xxxx

Setup Procedure

  1. Go to http://phone.cs.unc.edu
  2. Login using your 4 digit extension and voice mail password
  3. Select “Voicemail and Fax”
  4. Select “Fax Options”
  5. Click “Create Fax Notification”
  6. Enter Email Address you wish to receive fax notifications
  7. Add additional email addresses if desired
  8. Click “Save Notification Email”

Any fax sent to your phone number will be delivered to your specified email address as a pdf attachment.


Sending personal faxes

It is okay to use the fax machines for personal local faxes, as long as it is not international.  Do this just as described above.  For personal international faxes, you are on your own.