Family Access Card

Department policy on building access cards for family members

Reviewed by bil hays 09/30/2016


Members of our department often work irregular hours, and department members with families sometimes need a family member to meet them at Sitterson/Brooks after hours.  Given the security system, a family member without an access card can be left outside the building waiting for an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe interval of time. While this situation could usually be avoided by having the department member wait by the building entrance, sometimes this is unnecessarily inconvenient or simply not possible.


In recognition of this situation, in particular the safety issue, the Department of Computer Science makes security cards available to “close friends” of the department. Specifically, each member of the department (faculty, staff, and graduate students) can “sponsor” one adult family member*, enabling that adult family member to obtain a security card.


A security card for an adult family member can be obtained by sending email to stating your name, and the name of the sponsoree, and that person’s relationship to you. Should permission be denied by the IT Manager for any reason, the issue may be appealed to the department’s Chairman (, whose decision will be final.


Like the cards issued to department members, the sponsored card is non-transferrable. It may only be used by the family member who signs for it.

Permission to use the sponsored card is contingent upon the sponsoring department member’s own eligibility for a card. Should the department member become ineligible, the sponsored card becomes invalid and will be deactivated.

Like the cards available to department members, the sponsored cards are provided on a temporary basis only, and the card should be returned to the department once there is no longer a need for it.

After-hours access to the building is a privilege which can be revoked or restricted at any time, for any reason.


Should the family-access card system be deemed a failure at any time, this provision may be revoked, requiring the return of all sponsored cards.

* The phrase “adult family member” is intentionally vague. The expectation, however, is that most sponsored cards will be requested for spouses of department members.