Emergency Contact Number

Getting Computer Services support after normal working hours

Reviewed by Bil Hays 2020-02-07

The daytime emergency contact number is 919 590 6172, which rings all fulltime staff in Computer Services.

The 24/7 Computer Services emergency contact number is 919 962 6503.

If the problem you are reporting can wait until normal working hours, please send email to help@cs.unc.edu describing your difficulty.  You can send a copy of your message to facil-all@cs.unc.edu if you wish to alert the staff.

Otherwise, if you have a true emergency, call 919 962 6503, and tell the Control Center that you are reporting a problem in the Department of Computer Science, give them your name, a number where you can be reached, and a short description of the problem. They will call Computer Services staff in a rotation until they reach someone.

You should ONLY CALL THIS NUMBER TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY.  Certain events, if left unattended, can cause serious hardware damage, and Computer Services definitely needs to be alerted.  These include air conditioning outages and significant water leakage. These events would warrant a call no matter what time they occurred.  We would also want to know if the exterior doors are not closing and locking properly. Other events should be real emergencies to justify a call, particularly late at night.  Please note that our staff does not receive any extra pay for responding to the emergency calls, so please limit your calls for help to times when there is a true emergency that cannot wait for normal business hours.

Examples of events that are not emergencies include a single down workstation, a non-functioning printer, or anything else where there is a reasonable workaround or where it does not hurt to wait.



The following mail lists may be of use:

computer-services@cs.unc.edu – Full-time Computer Services staff
facil-all@cs.unc.edu – Entire Computer Services staff, including undergraduates who work for us