Default Environment

Default environment on Linux systems

Reviewed by Murray Anderegg 6/17/2014

Currently, users are added with tcsh as their shell. Users may request the bash shell by sending email to

A default set of files (“dot files”) are provided to each new user when he or she has an account created in our Department.   These files
are designed to give the user a flexible environment as a starting point for use of our machines.

The current versions of these files are located in /afs/unc/common/lib/user/std* on any UNIX machine.  The files currently included, and what they stand for, are:

stdcshrc ~/.cshrc
stdlogin ~/.login
stdlogout ~/.logout

These files create an environment for a new user that allows a user to log into any departmental Linux machine.  GNOME is the default environment for Linux systems in the department. Computer Services does not actively use KDE, so our ability to support KDE is limited.

If you discover problems or incompatibilities with this default set, please mail