CS Data Archive Service

Information on utilizing the CS Data Archive Service.

Reviewed by Alan Forrest 4/17/14

The department offers an archiving service, by which data is copied to our backup server, then written to tape for long-term storage.

The procedure for archiving data is as follows:

1. Send email to help@cs.unc.edu notifying us of the amount of data to be backed up and also requesting that an archive space be set up for your use.  We will create a folder in the following location: \\bass-back.cs.unc.edu\Archive\ with your username appended to _archive (i.e. forrest_archive).

2. Once you have confirmation that the folder has been created, copy data to \\bass-back.cs.unc.edu\Archive\_archive..  This can be done by accessing the Archive share via Windows File Sharing, a Linux SMB client, or via FTP. There is a 2 TB limit on this partition and it is used to store data from multiple users, so please limit the amount of data being archived to 1 TB or less.

3. Notify us once you are finished copying data to your archive folder and we will write it to tape as soon as the backup/archive schedule permits.

4. We will retain a copy of the archived data on tape and can provide you with a copy upon request.  The cost of each tape will depend on the current market rate for LTO-5 media ($22.56 as of 6/2014).

Should you need additional data archived up in the future, it can be appended to existing tapes, so it is not necessary to purchase a new set of tapes each time you nee data archived.  If you have any questions regarding this process, please send email to help@cs.unc.edu.