Connecting to the Wireless Network

How to get onto the wireless network

Reviewed by Bil Hays 04/22/2014

Computer Science was the first department on the main UNC-CH campus to have full wireless support, using Lucent’s Proxim’s Orinoco (WaveLan) DSSS system. After the Brooks building was completed, we transitioned to ITS’s wireless infrastructure based on wireless access points by Cisco. There are some spots in the buildings where wireless coverage is weak, but we have coverage throughout the department.

To use the wireless network, register the hardware address (also known as the MAC address) with the campus DHCP service. The wireless network in Sitterson uplinks to a router connection outside of the domain, so addresses will not work on the wireless network. More information on setting up wireless is available from ITS.


UNC-Secure is the primary wireless network, configuration instructions are provided by ITS. Some additional information is provided in a Wireless Status Update. Please note, when you change your oynen password, you may be prompted at your device to change your password to access the wireless network, but this does not work. Rather, go to this link and follow the steps for installation to reset your access.


UNC-PSK is available if for whatever reason you cannot use UNC-SECURE, it uses a shared secret instead of a certificate.


If you need a static IP address for wireless, we have a limited number of addresses in this network. Contact if you need to use this network.


This is the public “guest” network, requiring no password. Access on this network is limited to web and a few other protocols, and to the internet outside the domain.