Configuring Department Google Mail in Thunderbird

How to configure Thunderbird or other imap client to access your department Google mail account.

Reviewed by Bil Hays 6/23/17

Google’s page on this topic is here.

Before you add your departmental google account to your Thunderbird email client, you’ll want to enable your account for imap access.  To do this, log onto, click on the gear or flower in the upper right corner, and select “Settings”.  Click “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.  Beside “IMAP Access:”, click the “Enable IMAP” button, and click “Save Changes”.

Next, open Thunderbird and click Tools, select “Account Settings”, click “Account Actions”, and select “Add Mail Account…”.  Enter your name.  For “Email address:”, enter, and enter your Computer Science password.  Click “Continue” and then click “Manual Config”.  Use the following Server Settings:  On the first line, for the Incoming server, select IMAP in the box next to “Incoming” if it is not already selected.  Under “Server hostname”, enter “”.  Under Port, type or select 993.  Under “SSL”, select “SSL/TLS”.  Under “Authentication”, select “Normal password”.

On the second line, for the Outgoing server, under “Server hostname”, enter “”.  Under Port, type or select 465.  Under “SSL”, select “SSL/TLS”.  Under “Authentication”, select “Normal password”.  Then click “Advanced Config”.   Click “OK”.

The account should appear on the left side of your Thunderbird Window at the bottom, and you should be able to access messages in it.  If not, right click on the account, select “Settings”, click on “Server Settings” and verify that everything is set as specified above.