Getting Started: Computer Services in Computer Science

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Computer Services provides a wide array of areas of support. We have a list of all help articles, but this is a shorter list covering core services we provide.

If you’re new to UNC CH, be aware that you also have email and access to cloud service through ITS, the main campus IT provider, they use MS Office365 for these services, you can access them by logging into with your as the id. More info here:

Areas supported by Computer Services:

If you need help and time is not critical, you can always send email to If you have a time critical problem, here are some important phone numbers for IT and Building issues:

Linux servers you can login to and which are used for what purposes:

Where to store files:

For Faculty, Staff and Grads, how to backup your files:

Some information on what files are sensitive and associated policies:

We publish security notices here, so if you get an email with a complex link from anyone in Computer Services about a security, don’t click on it. See if there’s a note here, if not, forward the email to and ask if it’s legitimate:

CS is a google shop–Faculty, Staff and Grads have access. Here’s information on use of Google Apps:

We require two factor authentication in Google, until you have enabled that, you will have very limited access, here’s information on how to activate two factor:

Please enable two factor authentication in your google account

If you’re getting this message, it appears that you have not yet enabled two factor authentication in the google domain. Please do so as soon as possible. For more information please see:

CS also relies on Google Calendar for scheduling:

How to use the CS multi-media classrooms and conference rooms:

Emergency and Evacuate procedures:

You need to use the Campus VPN to access some services, and it’s a good way to secure connections to UNC while you are traveling:

We have three Xerox printer/copier/scanner/fax machines, here’s information on how to use them:

And we have other printers, including a plotter and an 11×17 printer:

Some information on phone numbers:

Information on recycling options in CS:

Voicemail on the our phone system: