Campus Printing and Copying

Information on University printing and copying facilities and printing off-campus

Reviewed by Bil Hays 5/2/14

Because the University has its own printing facilities, the University prefers that we use those services for any printing requirements that are beyond what our printers and copiers can handle.  If for some reason UNC Printing cannot handle your job, either because of your special requirements or time delays, please see the Accounting Manager.  She will determine the best course of action. The University will not pay the invoice unless you use the appropriate channels.

The main UNC Printing Department office is located at 2700 Homestead Road in Chapel Hill. They offer a wide variety of printing, duplicating, art, graphics, and other related services.  Call their customer service number, 919-962-5566, to determine if they are equipped to handle your needs.  They provide quick turn-around service.  Forms must be completed for all University printing requests; these are available at the UNC Printing web page, at  Remember to give the Accounting Manager copies of all completed forms. Please also provide her with an estimate of the charges, if possible, so that she may encumber the funds.