Calendar Information

General information on the department’s Google calendars.

Reviewed by Bil Hays 5/2/14

The department’s main public calendar is accessible on the web at the Department’s Public Calendar Page.  In addition, there is a collection of departmental Google calendars accessible at the Department’s Google Calendar Page, including the following groups of calendars:  department calendar, talks, other events, visitors schedules, research meetings, graduate deadlines, class schedules, UNC holidays, academic calendars, committees, staff calendars, conference rooms, classrooms, other rooms, doors open, faculty meetings, and parking permits.

Each of these groups of calendars can be viewed directly on the web, though the last five groups require a department password.  In addition, members of the department can subscribe to any of these calendars, so that you can optionally see them along with your personal calendar when you log into your departmental Google account.  For example, you might want to add the calendar for the Distinguished Lecturer Series to your calendar.

To subscribe to one of these calendars, go to the Department’s Google Calendar Page and click on the group of calendars you are interested in, for example, Talks.  Then click on the “+ Google Calendar” button on the lower right corner of the page.  You’ll be presented with a list of calendars to which you can subscribe, or you can choose to subscribe to all of them.  Once you have subscribed, the calendars will appear in the list of calendars on the left side of your Google Calendar page.  You can click on the name of the calendar to hide its contents if you don’t want to look at it right now.

The calendars at the Department’s Google Calendar Page are functional.  That is, you can page through the default monthly view, or you can click on “Week” in the upper right corner to see the weekly versions of the calendars.  In addition, if you click the arrow in the upper right corner, you’ll get a drop-down menu with a list of calendars, and you can choose which calendars to display.  You can also click on any event, then click “more details”, and you can see the full description of the event or add a reminder in your own calendar.

Your Google Apps account name is the same as your department account name, with appended, and it uses the same password.  Go to to access your calendar.

For help using Google calendars, see the Google calendar help page or the CS Department’s Google calendar FAQ. If you have questions or problems, please send mail to