Alumnus Accounts

Alumnus And Affiliate Computer Science account information

Reviewed by Bil Hays 2019-12-09

Starting in 2020 this policy has changed.

Graduates of the Computer Science can retain their accounts in CS for one year. The accounts do not include svn, playpen, or ftp space.  Optionally, they can include an account on the department’s Google Apps domain, including an email account.

Alumni from previous years who are interested in setting up an alumnus account or adding Google to their existing alumnus account should send email to  Undergraduate alumni should include the name of the person(s) for whom they worked in the department.

Graduate alumni from the current year will simply keep their Google mail account, with no changes, assuming they reduce their home directory disk usage to the alumnus quota.

The only thing that will change about the AFS home directory is that the quota (maximum size to which the directory can grow) will be reduced to 800 MB.  Alumni must reduce their home directory disk usage to 800 MB within three months of receiving a message to that effect from Computer Services (or two months after graduation, whichever is later) to retain their accounts.  If they have not done this, they will get an additional one-month warning, after which their account, including their Google mail, is deleted, if they don’t get down to the 400 MB quota.

Note:  If we have to delete your account because it is over quota, we will back up your AFS home directory only.   While Google provides substantial redundancy for your mail while you have an account, we do not back up Google mail when we delete your account, and once it is deleted it is gone forever, so be sure to get under the quota in the time period allowed.  Let us know if you need an extension; we can usually work something out.

For instructions on how to determine whether you are within the home directory quota, see here.