AFS for Macintosh OS X

Reviewed by bil 2018.05.05


How to setup AFS for OS X

Installing and setting up openAFS on OS X is pretty straightforward. You need to install the AFS client, configure it for our cell.

Auristor is the company that has taken over development of the afs client, the installer can be found here:

You will have to scroll through their terms and conditions and also register in advance before you can download the client When you run the installer, you will be prompted for the name of our cell, that is

Once you have installed the client, open a terminal and run:

kinit your-cs-id@CSX.UNC.EDU


If you login successfully, you can see your Kerberos tickets with


And your afs tokens:


To get to AFS in the terminal run

open /afs/

And to open your home dir:

open /afs/