Account Use Policies

UNC Computer Science computer account use policies

Reviewed by Bil Hays 9/5/2016

The following is the department account policy, including sections on proprietary information, hacking, file sharing and copyrighted materials, who may use an account, and reasonable use of the systems.

UNC Computer Science Account Policy

The Department of Computer Science maintains a computing facility which has as its primary purpose the support of the research and educational missions of the members of the Department. Computer accounts may be made available to individuals to allow them access to these facilities when such access supports the Department’s missions and goals. The acceptance and use of a Department computer account indicates the user’s agreement to observe the following regulations:

Proprietary information

Many of the programs, data files, manual pages, and similar materials used and stored on Department computers are the property of, and proprietary to, the Department, UNC, corporations, and other institutions. Users agree to treat this information in a proprietary manner. No such software may be installed, copied, and/or transmitted from any machine to any other machine (with the exception of the transfer of software that takes place as a normal part of the execution of certain programs), or to any form of media, via any means, for any reason without the permission of the department’s IT Manager. Software authored by users which does not contain licensed portions, or software in the public domain, is not subject to these same restrictions.


The Department provides data access security features including encryption tools, passwords, and file protections. Attempts to bypass or violate these protection mechanisms will result in the immediate and permanent loss of login privileges.

File sharing and copyrighted materials

Use of any program to share copyrighted material or storing illegal copies of copyrighted materials, e.g., mp3 files and movie files, is also a violation of federal and state law and the Honor Code.

Who may use the account

A Department computer account may be used only by the person to whom it was issued.

Reasonable Use

Department computer accounts will be used in ways that are consistent with the goals of the Department. Commercial use of the Department computing facilities is not permitted. Use of the facilities for any illegal activity is not permitted. Users of CS accounts are expected to act in a professional manner and to treat others with respect and civility at all times and in all venues. Failure to do so may result in suspension or revocation of CS account privileges.

Suspension, Revocation and Restoration of Account Privileges

Suspension or revocation of CS accounts are made at the request of the Department Chairman, the Associate Chair for Academic Affairs, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, or the Director of Graduate Studies. Computer Services staff may temporarily block an accounts if that is required by circumstances. If an account has been suspended or revoked, a user may appeal to the Department Chairman, the Associate Chair for Academic Affairs, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, or the Director of Graduate Studies.


If you have questions regarding use of the computer facilities, contact the department’s IT Manager or send email to