UrbanScape Project

Principal Investigator: Marc Pollefeys
Funding Agency: Geo Spatial Technologies
Agency Number: GSTI-05-UNC-001

We propose a modular multi-threaded approach for the development of the 3D-from-Video component of the UrbanScape project. We propose to develop 3 different modules: (1) multi-view depth reconstruction, (2) multi-view motion estimation (2-5 frames) and (3) long sequence camera motion estimation (hundreds of frames). In the first year our Phase II effort will focus on developing a real-time 3D modeling pipeline working on a single video stream. In the second year of phase II our focus will be twofold. We will improve accuracy and robustness and we will provide an approach that integrates multiple video streams. In Phase III we propose to develop specific approaches to improve texture/appearance and refine or update geometry by projecting newly recorded video on the model and refine/update the model as to minimize artifacts (without ever needing to explicitly reconstruct a 3D model from the new video).

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