Future Analyst Workspace (A-Desk)

Principal Investigator: Henry Fuchs, Greg Welch
Funding Agency: US Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Agency Number: FA8750-08-2-0209

UNC will develop a functional mockup of IARPA’s (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) vision for an intelligence analyst’s future workspace (A-Desk). The mockup will resemble a single-person, surround cubicle, where some portion of the interior is covered with seamless panoramic imagery of an example analyst’s application. We will mock up the analyst’s application, developing an interactive 3D application that matches the IARPA vision, with software “stubs” that can be used later to increase the functionality of the mockup. We will prototype the A-Desk workspace with analyst application at UNC, and then deliver the system to IARPA for their use in demonstrations to analysts and other interested parties.

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