3D Worlds for Location based Warfighter Assistance

Principal Investigator: Jan-Michael Frahm
Funding Agency: US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
Agency Number: TS00003

To summarize the information of a scene collected through a large number of photos or videos of body worn cameras we propose to use computer vision techniques to reconstruct a 3D model form these photos or videos. These models naturally combine the scene information captured in the photos in a form that is easy to understand for humans and can be used to visualize the scene as part of an aerial model. Our team has significant expertise in fast 3D reconstruction from videos or photo collections. From the DARPA UrbanScape project and the DTO VACE project “3D Context form Video” we are equipped with a fully functional 3D reconstruction from video system. The new technical challenges here are to adapt our reconstruction techniques to handle the illumination changes in the scene and the generally less constraint motion of body worn cameras.

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