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Consideration for Funding During Admissions

All applications (MS & PhD programs) are considered for funding during the review/evaluation process.  If a funding package is being offered, it will be in the department’s admission offer to the applicant. See information below on the funding opportunities offered.

Graduate School Fellowship nominations come from the department ONLY and do not require any further application.

Funding Opportunities

During the academic year, most of our students are supported by a Research Assistant position or a Teaching Assistantship position.  Some students are supported by fellowships.

For students admitted with a guaranteed assistantship, the academic year and summer research stipend produces a combined potential annual financial package for our graduate assistants of approximately $33,000.


The stipend for research and teaching assistants for the nine-month academic year 2023-24 is $26,575.00 (20 hours a week) plus health insurance. Health insurance is covered for the full twelve months and has a monetary value of $4,740.60. You can find out more about health insurance on the Graduate Student Health Insurance page. All students holding an RA or TA position will have their in-state tuition covered.  Students with a guarantee of funding will have their full tuition covered.

There are often opportunities for Full-time summer employment on a research project if the opportunity is available (this is not guaranteed). The rate for summer $1,085/week (40 hours) for 10 to 12 weeks.

Alternatively, during the summer students can gain professional experience through paid internships at companies in the Research Triangle area or in other parts of the country.


Tuition for the 2022-23 academic year:

  • Full time/9+ credit hours per semester:
    • In-State (NC residents):  $5,276.00
    • Out of State (non-residents): $14,422.00
    • Student fees (both residents & non-residents): $991.32.

Students holding an RA or TA position will have the in-state portion of tuition covered.  Students who have a guarantee of funding will have full tuition covered (in-state & out of state). All required fees are covered for all research and teaching assistants.

Graduate Student Tuition awards typically cover M.S. students for four semesters of study and Ph.D. students for ten semesters of study. Ten semesters of tuition awards is the maximum allowed.

Supplements for Students Receiving Fellowships

The department provides a $500 educational fund to any student who receives a competitive fellowship not granted by UNC-Chapel Hill. The fund may be used for education-related expenses, including books, journals, travel, computer supplies and accessories, and professional memberships. The department also awards a $1,500 supplement each semester to nonservice fellowship holders who join a research team.

Financial Aid

For students who do not receive a research or teaching assistantship, the following resources are available for financial aid.

Graduate School Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid for Graduate Students

Research Assignments

Students are not assigned to specific research projects or teaching assistant positions immediately upon being admitted to the department. Assignments are made just prior to the start of each semester, after faculty members and students have had an opportunity to meet and to discuss their interests.