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Admissions – Fall Only
Consideration for Funding (Financial Assistance)
Foreign Degrees
Statement of Purpose vs. Personal Statement
Financial Certificate For International Students
GRE &/or TOEFL Scores
– Scores submitted after application
– Showing as not received
– Minimum Score
– TOEFL Exceptions
Applying for MS &/or PhD Requires Only ONE Application
Degree Selection: M.S. or Ph.D.
Recommendation Letters Received After Application Deadline
Not Finding Institution Under “Education” in AY
Decision Notifications
Cost of Attendance

Admissions – Fall Only

The UNC-CH Computer Science Graduate Program does not offer spring admission. Applications are now being accepted for Fall admission.


For up-to-date admissions deadlines, visit this page.

Being Considered for Financial Assistance/Funding

All applicants are considered for department funding (which includes Research and Teaching Assistantships) until admissions closes in March, as specified by the deadlines page. Applications submitted between December 1 and December 10 will also be considered for university fellowships. Applications submitted after December 10 will be considered only for department funding.

Foreign Degrees

Individuals with only 3-year degrees do not meet the educational requirement for graduate admission.  See the note on foreign degrees in the Instructions for Graduate Applicants under Transcripts.

Statement of Purpose vs. Personal Statement

This is one and the same document.

Financial Certificate For International Students

Applicants do NOT have to upload or submit the International Student data & Financial Certification or other documents during the application process.  Once an offer of admission is given, then the applicant would need to submit this information along with supporting documents.


Applications are not disqualified from consideration if score falls below the minimum score level.

GRE And/Or TOEFL Scores

Submitted After The Application Deadline.

Your application will still be reviewed if scores are received after the deadlines.  Decisions can not be made until the scores are received.

Showing As Not Received:

I. The process of official test scores matching your application can take 5-7 business days.  Please check your application status regularly to monitor test scores matching to your submitted application.

II.  If you have JUST submitted your application, allow a few days to one weekthe system to match scores to the application.  Test scores are not immediately matched and your application may say “Scores Not Received” for a few days.

III.  It may be the case that your scores need to be linked to your application if your name was not exactly as it was on your official test report.  Please send an email to requesting your scores be linked to your application if you feel they should have been received already.

Minimum GRE Or TOEFL Score.
Is There A Cut Off Score Where An Application Will Not Be Considered?

There is no score that would disqualify an application from being considered.  Keep in mind the competitive nature of the Computer Science applications.  If a score is slightly below the Graduate Schools posted minimum score, it will not be disqualified.

Updated scores are always accepted, even after you submit your application.

For more information on the GRE score standard, please see the CS Admissions Requirements page.

TOEFL exceptions or waivers:

If you think you qualify for a waiver or exception to the TOEFL, see the Instructions for Graduate Applicants and look under the TOEFL or IELTS Score link.  It lists acceptable exceptions here.

TOEFL ITP accepted?

Computer based TOEFL scores are permissible/accepted.

Applying For MS And/Or PhD Requires Only One Application

Applicants are always considered for either program. If you already have a M.S. in computer science or a closely related field, you should apply to the Ph.D. program.

Applicants already holding a master’s degree in something other than computer science may apply to the M.S. in computer science.

Degree Selection: M.S. or Ph.D.

In your application, you will be asked to select a degree. You should select “Master of Science” if your goal is to obtain an M.S. degree only. You should select “Doctor of Philosophy” if (1) your goal is to obtain a Ph.D., regardless of whether you already have an M.S. degree, or (2) your immediate goal is to obtain an M.S. degree and you desire to remain in graduate school to work toward a Ph.D. upon completion of your M.S. degree.

Recommendation Letters Arriving After The Application Deadline

Applications will still be processed, reviewed, and considered if recommendation letters arrive after the deadline.

Not Finding Institution under “Education” in your application

As stated in the AY Application:  IF YOU CANNOT LOCATE YOUR SCHOOL: Please type School Not Listed into the Institution Name field below (do NOT leave the Institution Name field blank), leaving all other fields blank and then click on “search”.

Decisions & Notifications

Offers of admission will be sent between late January and the end of March. Applicants not being offered admission will receive notification in April. We understand your eagerness to receive information, but please refrain from emailing us about the status of your application until you are contacted or notified. Due to the high volume of applications received, the review process takes time, and we appreciate your patience.

Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees

General Costs for Graduate/Professional Students