IMPORTANT: Minor Degree Requirements Changing In Fall 2020

Until the University Bulletin is republished for the upcoming academic year, the links below contain out of date information.

The requirements for the minor starting in Fall 2020 will be:

  • COMP 210: Data Structures and Analysis
  • COMP 211: System Fundamentals
  • COMP 301: Foundations of Programming
  • Two from the following:
    • COMP 311: Computer Organization
    • Upper division COMP courses numbered 420 or higher


The university maintains a degree program overview for each department, with degree requirements, suggested program of study, and more as part of the online Undergraduate Bulletin.

Undergraduate Minor Degree Requirements

These are the requirements as of the current academic year. The Department of Computer Science allows students to choose any set of requirements that were in effect while the student was in residence at UNC. For prior year requirements, see Prior Degree Requirements.