All non-lecture undergraduate courses require that a learning contract be agreed to and signed by both the supervising faculty member and student.  The student and faculty member should work together to agree on the specifics of the course. The signed contract needs to be given to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) before the first Friday of classes for the requested semester.  Only after the contract has been approved by the DUS can the student be registered for the course.

Once the content of the learning contract is completed, the process for submitting a learning contract is simple.

  1. The student brings a completed paper form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  The form must be typed EXCEPT for signatures, which are to be signatures (ink, scanned or images/bitmaps are fine)
  2. The DUS approves the form, sans it and registers you for the course.

There are to be no handwritten forms and no firms slipped under the door or emailed.  If you have questions about the content, you should work with the DUS before getting the form signed.

Please click on the following links to download editable learning contracts.  You should confirm that the last updated date is the one listed.