The following is a suggested plan of study for B.S. majors.

First Year

• ENGL 105 (composition and rhetoric Foundations); foreign language level 2 and 3 (Foundations); COMP 110; COMP 401; MATH 231, 232 (quantitative reasoning Foundations and quantitative intensive Connections courses)

Sophomore Year

• COMP 283 410, 411; MATH 233; PHYS 116 and the second science course (physical and life sciences Approaches course); three additional Approaches and Connections courses

Junior Year

• COMP 455, 550, MATH 547, two courses numbered COMP 426 or greater, three additional Approaches and Connections courses

Senior Year

• STOR 435, three courses numbered COMP 426 or greater, Connections and free elective courses (four courses)

Notes On The Suggested Plan Of Study

A first formal course in computer programming (such as COMP 110 Introduction to Programming) is a prerequisite for COMP 401. Students with no programming experience should begin their program of study with COMP 110. Students who are unsure if their background preparation enables them to begin their studies with COMP 401 are encouraged to consult a departmental advisor.

Students who are able to begin with COMP 401 may take it in their first semester and either advance the suggested program of study by one semester (giving themselves an extra free elective in their junior/ senior years) or take another appropriate course such as a first-year seminar as an elective in the first year. In either case, neither COMP 110 nor a first-year seminar is a required course in the major.

This plan of study further assumes that students will place out of foreign language 1. If this is not the case, then the student should start with foreign language 1 (and have one fewer free elective in the senior year.)