The following requirements satisfy the B.A. major in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill). No single course can be used to meet multiple of these requirements. Students must also satisfy all requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences in order to graduate. For a complete list of degree requirements (Computer Science and Arts and Sciences), as well as a suggested plan of study, see the Bachelor of Arts Suggested Program of Study page.

These are the requirements as of Fall 2018.  The Computer Science Department allows students to choose any set of requirements that were in effect while the student was in residence at UNC.  For prior year requirements, see Prior Degree Requirements

Core Requirements

COMP 401, 410, and 411

COMP 283 or MATH 381

Two additional COMP courses numbered 426 or higher of at least 3 credits (excluding courses for honors thesis, internships, co-ops, and independent study).

Four additional COMP courses numbered 426 – 599 (excluding courses for honors thesis, internships, co-ops, and independent study).  Graduate level courses (600 or higher) other than COMP 790 may be counted towards this requirement if the student has the appropriate background (a minimum of completion of COMP 410 and 411 is required).  COMP 790 courses are generally seminar courses that are not appropriate for this requirement and may only be counted with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies.  A course that is listed as both a COMP 590 and COMP 790 may be used as an offering of COMP 590.

Up to two of these courses may be satisfied by courses from the following courses:

  • BIOL 525, Computational Analyses and Resources in Genomics
  • INLS 318, Human-Computer Interaction
  • INLS 609, Experimental Information Retrieval
  • INLS 613, Text Mining
  • LING 540, Mathematical Linguistics
  • MATH 566, Introduction to Numerical Analysis
  • MATH/ENVR 661, Scientific Computation I
  • PHYS 231, Physical Computing
  • PHYS 331, Introduction to Numerical Techniques in Physics

Courses from other departments may be approved by the director of undergraduate studies if they have a significant computer or computing technology.  We maintain a list of courses that have been evaluated and not accepted as well as those that have been approved but not yet added into the major.

Students must earn a grade of C or better in 18 hours of courses fulfilling the core requirements.

A grade of C or better is required in each of COMP 283 (or MATH 381), COMP 401, COMP 410, COMP 411, and MATH 231.

A grade of C or better is also required in any course that is a prerequisite for a computer science course.  See Prerequisites for the departmental policy.

Additional Requirements

MATH 231

STOR 155 or 435

B.A. majors in computer science must fulfill all Foundations, Approaches, Connections, and Supplemental General Education requirements.