Undergraduate Program Overview

Major-specific advising questions should be sent to advise@cs.unc.edu. Messages sent to this address will be received by the entire team of faculty advisors listed below. This is generally the fastest and easiest way to get a question or concern addressed.

We also post drop-in and by-appointment hours on the calendar below. Students are free to see whichever advisor they would like and are not assigned to a specific advisor.

If you have an issue that requires a Tar Heel Tracker adjustment, please use this form to bring it to the attention of our Student Services Manager(s): Tar Heel Tracker Adjustment Request Form

CS Faculty Advisers:

Ketan Mayer-Patel

Brent Munsell

Montek Singh

Cynthia Sturton

Jack Snoeyink

David Stotts

Advising calendars

Walk in times (see calendar entry for appropriate contact info (i.e., Zoom, CourseCare, etc.))