Four semesters of residence credit must be earned. At least two of these must be earned by continuous registration for no fewer than six semester hours per regular semester or summer session, although registration during the summer is not required for continuity. As much as two semesters of residence credit can be received as a consequence of transferring the appropriate number of hours of course credit. Note that a semester in residence is not identical to a semester of residence credit.

Time Limit
All requirements for the Ph.D. must be completed within eight calendar years from the date of the student’s first classification as a doctoral student by the Graduate School, whether in Computer Science or in another graduate program.

If a student is admitted directly to doctoral study, as indicated in the letter offering admission, the eight years begin upon first registration. If a student is permitted to bypass the M.S. degree, e.g. upon departmental admission to the doctoral program after passing the Ph.D. Qualifying examination, the eight years begin at the start of the semester of that examination. If a student is permitted to continue beyond the M.S., the eight years begin at the start of the regular term or summer session that immediately follows that in which the M.S. is conferred.

Although the department tries to keep track of degree time limits, the Graduate School’s interpretation is controlling, and students are responsible for meeting the time limits.

As much as two years of time spent in active military service, the Peace Corps, or VISTA will not be counted against the time limit, provided that the Student Services Manager is informed. Also, a student may request a leave of absence for a definite, stated time, not to exceed one year. If the department and Graduate School approve, the duration of the leave is not counted against the time limit.