Additional Information for New Graduate Students

Orientation Events & Dates:

CS Graduate Student Orientation & Research Fair:  Wednesday, August 12th

The Graduate School Orientation:  Thursday, August 13th

International Graduate Student Orientation: Friday, August 14th

Computer Science Orientation & Research Fair – Sitterson Hall (011)

Tentative Orientation Schedule- More detailed agenda will be available at orientation

8:30am –  Breakfast
9:00am –  Welcome & Department Overview
9:45am –  RA/TA Information, Office Assignments, Stipends, & Staff Introductions
10:15am –  Employment & Payroll Information
10:30am – Registration, Classes, Academic Requirements
10:50am –  Facilities Overview
11:05am –  CS Graduate Student Resources
11:10am –  Language Services
11:15am –  Graduate Women in Computer Science (GWICS)
11:30am – Computer Science Student Association (CSSA)
12:00pm –  Lunch
12:50pm –  Explanation of Preference Sheets, Appointments, Agenda

*1:00 PM – “RA Research Presentations and COMP 991 Topics (Research & Reading Course)

*Exact schedule of presentation times TBA


Research Fair:

The Research Fair is an event where each research group and the teaching faculty who plan to hire graduate assistants give short oral presentations followed by research demonstrations.  Students are given the opportunity to engage in personal interviews with the various research groups or teaching faculty based solely on your interest in working with the groups or teaching faculty.  At the end of the event, the department administration asks you to submit your top five assistantship preferences while simultaneously asking the faculty to submit their top three preferred “hires”.  Job assignments are announced two-three days later.  The hiring tier is funded students and then non-funded students if any assignments are remaining.

Appointments with faculty and/or PI’s will be done via Doodle Polls.  Links are posted below (in alphabetical order by last name):

Anderson, Jim

Bansal, Mohit

Dewan, Prasun

Duggirala, Parasara Sridhar

Fuchs, Henry

Gotz, David

McMillan, Leonard

Niethammer, Marc

Nirjon, Shariar

Oliva, Junier

Pizer, Stephen

Reiter, Mike

Snoeyink, Jack

Srivastava, Shashank



CS Student Disclosure Agreement