Current Forms

All active forms can be downloaded from this page (all are in PDF format – please use Adobe Reader to view). Hard copies may be obtained from the Student Services Manager.

CS-01 Background Preparation Worksheet
CS-02 Course Waiver
CS-03 M.S. Program of Study 
CS-04 Outside Review Option
CS-05 Request for Appointment of M.S. Committee
CS-06 Ph.D. Program of Study
CS-07 Report of Disapproval of Dissertation Proposal
CS-08 Technical Writing Requirement
CS-09 Report of Preliminary Research Presentation
CS-12 Report of Research Discussion
CS-13 Program Product Requirement


Transfer Credit Request Form
Student Progress Report

Archive of Obsolete Forms

CS-01 Background Preparation Worksheet (up to 2006)
CS-03 M. S. Program of Study (2000-2006)
CS-06 Ph.D. Program of Study  (2000-2006)
CS-08 Technical Writing Requirement (up to 2006)
CS-09 Report of Integrative Paper
CS-10 Registration for Ph.D. Oral Qualifying Exam (Qual)
CS-13 Program Product Requirement (up to 2006)
CS-03.old M.S. Program of Study (1995-2000) (ascii format)
CS-06.old Ph.D. Program of Study (1995-2000) (ascii format)
CS-13 Program Product Requirement (up to 2020)
CS-11 Teaching Requirement




1/13/08 (Lastra) – Changed form CS-06 to ask students to list all courses taken as a grad student at UNC.  Changed CS-08 to reflect new deadlines.

10/23/07 (Lastra) – Added form CS-09.  Moved old (unused) CS-09 form to archive.

5/6/20 – Added Updated CS-13 form. Moved old form to archive.