• Graduate Program Assumptions
    Assumptions about student background on entry to the graduate programs in Computer Science. This affects course prerequisites and exam assumptions.
  • Module Courses
    A mechanism whereby a student can take an agreed-upon fraction of a regular course and skip portions that the student already commands.
  • Transfer of Credit
    Rules for transferring credit into graduate degree programs.
  • Petitioning
    A mechanism whereby a student can request a modification to any rule, for cause.
  • Graduate Students as Instructors of Graduate Students
    Graduate credit is normally disallowed for courses in which the instructor is a graduate student, but exceptions are possible.
  • Student Credentials
    Some data on the credentials of a recent graduate student cohort.
  • Waiving Required Courses
    A mechanism whereby a student can fulfill a course requirement by outside or independent study without taking the course.
  • Courses Outside Computer Science
    Students are encouraged to take courses outside Computer Science.
  • Foreign Languages
    Students are encouraged to take foreign language courses.
  • Minors
    Students may elect an academic minor in their Doctoral program.
  • Examinations In Absentia
    Important Graduate School policy on exams in which the student or one or more examining committee members are not physically present.
  • Credit-Hours Breakpoints for Tuition
    Breakpoints in numbers of credit hours where tuition increases.
  • Time To Degree Data
    Summary of a presentation on time to the doctoral degree in various fields.
  • Attendance at Colloquia
    All doctoral students are strongly urged to regularly attend colloquia sponsored by the department. These colloquia provide crucial opportunities for students to get ideas for dissertation topics and to keep themselves informed of critical problems in other areas of Computer Science.
  • Employment
    All doctoral students are strongly urged, but not required, to spend at least one summer in employment as a professional computer scientist.
  • Grandfather Clause