Students pursuing graduate degrees in other departments may declare a minor in Computer Science as permitted by Graduate School rules using the procedure given below.

A minor in a Master’s program consists of at least 9 hours of courses (3 classes). A minor in a Ph.D. program consists of at least 15 hours of courses (5 classes). None of the proposed coursework should be cross-listed in the student’s home department (but this may be excepted). Declaration of a minor in Computer Science must be authorized by the Computer Science faculty. Declaration of a minor spanning multiple fields including Computer Science must be approved by the Computer Science faculty.

Proposals for minors involving Computer Science will be handled as follows:

The student, in conjunction with the major advisor, may propose the content of a minor involving Computer Science courses meeting Graduate School requirements.

Students can consider courses numbered higher than 500 (455 can also be considered). At least one course from each of the three course categories (https://cs.unc.edu/academics/graduate/ms-requirements/course-categories/) is expected for all graduate minors. For Ph.D. minor applicants, one of the five courses must be COMP 550 (or alternatively, COMP 750).

Write a letter to the Computer Science Department’s Graduate Studies Committee, endorsed by your advisor, stating your intentions, specifying the proposed coursework for the minor, and describing any previous experience or coursework you have had in Computer Science, at UNC or elsewhere. Deliver the letter to the Computer Science Department’s Student Services Manager for delivery to the Director of Graduate Studies.

The Graduate Studies Committee will consider the proposal and get back to you (usually within 2 weeks). The Director of Graduate Studies will append a letter stating the Committee’s disposition of the proposal.

A negative decision may be reconsidered by the Graduate Studies Committee on presentation of further information or modifications, or a refusal can be appealed to the full CS department faculty. The Director of Graduate Studies would normally bring the appeal to the faculty.

When the minor is approved by the Department of Computer Science, you and your advisor must then get the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies in your home department and then ensure that copies of the proposal and approvals get into your permanent records in the home department and the Graduate School.

The Graduate School’s Minor Declaration Form