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Undergraduate students Sarah Rust, Duri Long, and Ryan Oberfelder congratulate lecturer Kris Jordan on receiving the Undergraduate Faculty Award for the 2015-2016 academic year at the department’s Commencement.

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The Computer Science Undergraduate Faculty Award is given to a faculty member in the UNC Department of Computer Science that has made a positive environmental or educational impact on the undergraduate community. Candidates include anyone who teaches a Computer Science course and every faculty member who interacts with undergraduate students in the Computer Science community, including advisers and research mentors. Every undergraduate student who has taken a CS course or has been mentored by a CS faculty member in the past year is eligible to nominate a member of the department. Nominations are accompanied by an explanation of why the nominee is deserving of the award. Based on these nominations and descriptions, a winner is selected by a committee of computer science student leaders chosen from various areas of the senior undergraduate community.

The award is presented annually at the department’s Commencement ceremony, and the recipient’s name is added to a plaque that hangs outside classrooms 011 and 014 in Sitterson Hall.


2021-2022: Aaron Smith

2020-2021: Aaron Smith

2018-2019: Donald Porter

2017-2018: David Stotts

2016-2017: Montek Singh

2015-2016: Kris Jordan

2014-2015: Fabian Monrose and doctoral student Zhishan Guo

2013-2014: Montek Singh

2012-2013: Diane Pozefsky

2011-2012: Gary Bishop

2010-2011: Diane Pozefsky

2009-2010: Kevin Jeffay

2008-2009: Diane Pozefsky

2007-2008: Kevin Jeffay

2006-2007: Ketan Mayer-Patel

2004-2005: Gary Bishop

2003-2004: Kevin Jeffay