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Dr. Tim Quigg presents the inaugural Timothy L. Quigg Award to Graduate Student Andrew Maimone. Maimone developed Pinlight Displays, an augmented reality headset using acryllic lenses with defocused light points.

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The Timothy L. Quigg Student Inventor of the Year Award recognizes the contributions to entrepreneurship made by Tim Quigg during his 18 years as Associate Chair for Finance, Administration, and Entrepreneurship of the Computer Science Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This award, funded through the generosity of anonymous donors, will each year go to the student who has demonstrated the highest inventive skills and entrepreneurship. The award carries a cash prize, and the winner’s name is added to a plaque that hangs outside the Timothy L. Quigg Entrepreneurs’ Lounge in the Sitterson Hall lower lobby.


2019: Praneeth Chakravarthula

2018: Alan Kuntz

2017: David Dunn

2016: Teryl Taylor

2015: Carl Schissler

2014: Andrew Maimone