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The John. M. Glotzer Teaching Assistant Award was created by Dr. Glotzer to help demonstrate the department’s commitment to teaching as well as research.

Each year, one or two teaching assistants in the Department of Computer Science are selected to receive the award from nominations made by faculty members and students. The awardees are announced at the department Commencement ceremony. Winners receive a $500 cash prize and a certificate and have their names added to a plaque that hangs in the Sitterson Hall upper lobby.

Read more about Dr. Glotzer and the award on page 7 of News & Notes Issue 46.


2023-2024: Ryan Brown

2022-2023: Mykhailo Shvets

2021-2022: Zhen Wei

2020-2021: Kaki Ryan

2018-2019: Joshua Bakita

2017-2018: Jeffrey Young

2016-2017: Sarah Rust

2015-2016: James Martin

2014-2015: Kyung-Joon “KJ” Moon

2013-2014: Tyler Newsome

2012-2013: Lakulish Antani and Ravikiran Janardhana

2011-2012: Anya Derbakova

2010-2011: Luis Torres

2009-2010: Kelli Bacon and Belinda Johnson

2008-2009: Eric LaForce

2007-2008: Miranda Steed

2006-2007: Brian Cornell

2005-2006: Keith Lee

2004-2005: Michael Stewart

2003-2004: Sharif Razzaque

2002-2003: Suzanne Vogel

2001-2002: Theodore Kim and Eileen Kupstas Soo