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CSSA President Aniket Bera congratulates professor Marc Niethammer for receiving a CSSA Excellence in Teaching Award for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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The Computer Science Student Association (CSSA) is a graduate student group that represents the students in the Department of Computer Science at UNC. All graduate students in the department are members.

Each year, the computer science graduate student body recognizes two professors for their excellence in teaching. Awardees are selected by a student vote from a pool of nominated professors. The award is presented by the CSSA President at the department Commencement ceremony, and the faculty members’ names are added to a plaque in the Sitterson Hall upper lobby.


2021-2022: Gedas Bertasius and Saba Eskandarian

2020-2021: Fabian Monrose and Montek Singh

2018-2019: James Anderson and Montek Singh

2017-2018: Donald E. Porter and Cynthia Sturton

2016-2017: Vladimir Jojic and Jan Prins

2015-2016: James Anderson and Marc Niethammer

2014-2015: Tamara Berg and Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

2013-2014: James Anderson and Marc Niethammer

2012-2013: Ron Alterovitz and F. Don Smith

2011-2012: James Anderson and Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

2010-2011: Marc Niethammer and Kevin Jeffay

2009-2010: Ron Alterovitz and F. Don Smith

2008-2009: Timothy L. Quigg and Michael K. Reiter

2007-2008: Svetlana Lazebnik and Diane Pozefsky

2006-2007: Russell M. Taylor II and Gregory F. Welch

2005-2006: Guido Gerig and Jack Snoeyink

2004-2005: James Anderson and Anselmo Lastra

2003-2004: Gary Bishop and Guido Gerig

2002-2003: Sanjoy Baruah and Ketan Mayer-Patel

2001-2002: James Anderson and F. Don Smith

2000-2001: Sanjoy Baruah and Jan Prins

1999-2000: Gary Bishop and Kevin Jeffay

1998-1999: Guido Gerig and Gyula A. Mago

1997-1998: John Poulton and Jeannie M. Walsh

1996-1997: Prasun Dewan and Gyula A. Mago

1995-1996: Gary Bishop and Diddhartha Chatterjee

1994-1995: James Anderson and Stephen F. Weiss