Hello and welcome to my homepage. My name is Sahil Narang and I am a graduate researcher at UNC Chapel Hill. My current research focusses on crowd simulation i.e. developing data driven models for efficient and accurate pedestrian synthesis. My interests include multi-agent navigation, motion planning, AI and machine learning.


This website provides information on me, my research, some of my projects, and things I do (or wish to) away from the a-machine described by Turing (Random). Admittedly, I have been inordinately lazy in archiving my data so it might be a while before many of my projects are made public. However, I will try my best to keep the rest of the website up to date. Also, I am generally quick to respond to emails so shoot me one if you have any questions.



Mailing Address
Department of Computer Science
CB #3175, Sitterson Hall
UNC Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175

sahil at cs dot unc dot edu