Setting up student gmail accounts

How graduate and undergraduate Computer Science majors should set up their CS department Google email accounts

Reviewed by Bil Hays 5/2/14

All UNC Computer Science graduate students and undergraduate majors and minors get login accounts on the department’s systems and accounts on the CS departments’ Google Apps domain.  The initial setup for graduates and undergraduates is different, and they are covered separately below.  This is followed by a description of the options you have for setting up your account, plus information on how to log in to your CS department gmail account using the gmail interface and Thunderbird.

Graduate students

Practically all CS graduate students receive their email on their CS gmail account.  Therefore, when the account is set up initially, we enable email receipt on the account.  Generally, grad students will want to forward their campus email to their CS gmail account, so they only have to read mail in one place.  Instructions for this are below.

Undergraduate students

Undergrads generally have already begun to use their account before the CS department accounts are set up.  To avoid their missing emails sent to their address, email receipt is initially disabled on the accounts for CS undergraduate majors and minors, and mail sent to their address is forwarded to their  If you want email receipt enabled on your CS gmail account, respond directly to the email you received offering to enable your email, or send email to and request it.  Once you have email receipt enabled on your CS gmail account, you have four main options for how to set this up:

  1. Receive email separately on CS gmail and Live
  2. Forward Live to CS gmail
  3. Forward CS gmail to Live
  4. Forward your mail anywhere else

These options are discussed below.

Receiving email separately on CS gmail and Live

This is how your account will be set up once you have requested that our administrators enable email receipt on your CS gmail account.  With this setup, you have to check mail in both places, which you will likely find inconvenient.

Forwarding Live to CS gmail

If you wish to forward your mail your CS gmail account, see the instructions at  This allows you to read both your campus and CS email using your CS Google account.

Forwarding CS gmail to Live

To change your forwarding, login to gmail with your department Google Apps domain account, click the gear or flower icon in the upper right corner, and select “Settings”.  Under “Settings” at the top, click “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, and click “Add a forwarding address”.  Enter the forwarding address and click “Next” and then click “Proceed”.  You’ll get an email to the account to which you are forwarding your mail, asking you to verify that mail should be forwarded there.  Once you have responded to that, your mail will be forwarded.  For more information, see  For undergraduates, there is little point in enabling your CS gmail and then forwarding to live, since mail sent to your address is already forwarded to your address.

Forwarding your email anywhere else

The forwarding instructions above work to forward your mail to any address.  However, for student employees, it is a violation of campus policy to forward either your Live mail or your CS gmail to any address that does not end in “”. This includes graduate and undergraduate research assistants and teaching assistants as well as workstudy students and other student employees of the University.  Students who are not employed by the University can forward their email anywhere they like.

Accessing your CS Department gmail account

If you have a Computer Science account you are using now, you will access your department gmail account using the same password.  If you have not picked up your password yet, or you need your password reset, see: Alan Forrest in SN235, John Sopko in FB140, Bil Hays in SN120, and we will give you your new password or reset your password for you.  Bring your picture ID.

To login to your CS gmail account using the standard gmail interface, go to  Your login there is your (i.e., you must include the “”), and your password is your CS password.

Besides accessing the department gmail account with the gmail interface at, you can also access the gmail via Thunderbird if you like. See Google Mail in Thunderbird.

If you have problems with your account or questions about how to use it, send mail to