Sign up to meet with faculty about TA/RA positions at Orientation/Research Fair


Graduate Student RA/TA Preference Forms


Orientation Dates:

CS Graduate Student Orientation & Research Fair:  August 17th – Wednesday

The Graduate School Orientation:  August 18th – Thursday

International Student & Scholar Services:  August 19th – Friday

Orientation Slides

The Graduate Program 2016 Orientation – Prof. Jan Prins, DGS

Overview of CS Graduate Program Requirements – coming soon

Computer Services:  Overview of Services 

Graduate & Professional Student Federation (GPSF) Introduction Presentation

Incoming Graduate Students

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at UNC-CH!  As you get ready to start your graduate program here, I hope the information here will make your transition easier and answer some questions you may have.  Be sure to check back often for updated information as the start of the fall semester approaches

New to the area? Welcome! Check out our guide to the area for incoming students!


First Steps

The Graduate School has a checklist of things newly admitted student must do first and foremost.  Graduate School’s Resources for New Incoming Students.

  1. Accept the admission offer
  2. Create your UNC ID login (ONYEN)
  3. Pay the enrollment deposit

Orientation Dates

17 August – Department of Computer Science Orientation & Research Fair
18 August – The Graduate School Orientation
19 August  – Office of International Student & Scholar Services Orientation

CS Orientation & Research Fair – Sitterson Hall (011)

Orientation Schedule- More detailed agenda will be available at orientation

8:30 – Breakfast

9:00 – Welcome – Dept. overview – Introduction of faculty

9:45 – Information on RA/TA positions, Office Assignments, Stipends, Staff Introductions

10:15 – Employment & Payroll Information

10:30 – Computer Science Student Association (CSSA) & Graduate Women in CS (GWiCS)

10:45 – GPSF (Graduate & Professional Student Federation)

11:00 – Registration, Classes, Academic Requirements (slides: The Graduate Program 2016 Orientation, Dr. Jan Prins)

11:30 – Facilities Overview

12:00 – LUNCH (Pizza & Salads)

Research Fair Schedule of Events – Detailed schedule available at orientation

1:00 – Explanation of Faculty Appointments, Agenda, Process Procedure.

2:20 – COMP 991 (Reading & Research Course) – 5 minute presentation per presenting Instructors

3:00 – Research Presentations – 2 minute presentation per speaker


Sign up for meetings with faculty below:
Ron Alterovitz
Jim Anderson
Mohit Bansal
Sanjoy Baruah
Prasun Dewan
Nikolay Dokholyan (Konstantin Popov will meet with students interested in Nikolay’s research after 7pm)
Jan-Michael Frahm
Henry Fuchs (if you cannot make any of these times please email fuchs (at) to schedule a time)
Jasleen Kaur
Ming Lin (if you cannot make any of these times please email lin (at) to schedule a time)
Ben Major
Leonard McMillan
Marc Niethammer
Shahriar Nirjon
Steve Pizer
David Plaisted
Don Porter
Mike Reiter
Dinggang Shen
Montek Singh
David Stotts


Research Fair:

The Research Fair is an event where each research group and the teaching faculty who plan to hire graduate assistants give short oral presentations followed by research demonstrations.  Students are given the opportunity to engage in personal interviews with the various research groups or teaching faculty based solely on your interest in working with the groups or teaching faculty.  At the end of the event, the department administration asks you to submit your top five assistantship preferences while simultaneously asking the faculty to submit their top three preferred “hires”.  Job assignments are announced two-three days later.  The hiring tier is funded students and then non-funded students if any assignments are remaining.

Appointments with faculty and/or PI’s will be done via Doodle Pools.  Links will be posted here.

Adviser Assignments

Initial adviser assignments are made by The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) making the best attempts to match student and adviser interests.  Keep in mind that these assignments are based on limited information and are not binding.

The advisers role is to provide advice on academic related issues and questions as well as to serve as contact points for alerting the student to academic progress milestones.  During the faculty’s review of student progress (which occurs each semester during a faculty meeting), the program adviser is called upon to describe the student’s progress and discuss any problems or delays in that progress.

Consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) is recommended in advance of a change of adviser for any reason other than designation of the research director as the program adviser.  Changes of adviser for that reason are completely normal and almost automatically approved.

Once students settle into their program and have gotten to know and work with different faculty members, you should feel free to request a change in faculty adviser.

To request a change of adviser, the student should send the request by e-mail to the student services manager ( with a copy to the DGS and involved faculty (old and new advisers).  Such requests are usually approved without comment, but factors such as faculty load sometimes intervene.

The DGS serves as the backup adviser for routine signatures if your program adviser is not available.

NOTE:  Notification of initial assignments will be emailed to each individual student before orientation.

ONYEN (the Only Name You’ll Ever Need)

Your ONYEN is your login to everything UNC from registering for classes to paying your bill.  To create your ONYEN, visit the Onyen page to get started.


UNCOne Card

Once you are here on campus, please be sure to get an ID card at the UNC One Card Office located in the Student Stores.  The UNC One Card is the official identification card for students, faculty, and staff.  It functions as a meal card, library card, gym pass, and a whole lot more!

Access to the Building

The Sitterson/Fred Brooks Bldg is locked between the hours of 6pm and 7am and on weekends.  The only way to acces the building during these hours is a key card.  All Computer Science graduate students have been issued such a card.   See Jodie in FB 142 to pick up your building access card.

Housing Resources

Most graduate students live off-campus in rental apartments or rental houses in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area.  There is, however, on-campus housing available for graduate students.  International Student housing information is also available here.  Living in Chapel Hill or Carrboro you can live within walking and/or biking distance of campus, on a bus line, or farther afield.  Although living in Chapel Hill or Carrboro is super convenient, it can be expensive.  Housing in the surrounding areas such as Durham, North Chatham County, will be less expensive.  It will also require commuting.

Transportation and Parking

Parking on campus is practically non-existent, but Chapel Hill has a great bus system, many park and ride lots, commuter incentives, pay lots and garages in and around town.  For more information on parking, the bus system, and commuter alternatives, please visit

The best way to get around Chapel Hill and Carrboro is the bus.  The Chapel Hill Transit buses within Chapel Hill and Carrboro are free and go to various locations throughout town as well as throughout campus.  Most apartment complex’s are on or near a busline.

Getting to and from Chapel Hill either from Durham or Raleigh is also very manageable.  The Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) serves Durham, RTP, and Raleigh.  Students can get a free monthly pass to ride the TTA when you register for the Commuter Alternative Program or CAP program.


Health Insurance

Information on Graduate Student Health Insurance – including how to waive the University Student Insurance.

Note:  You have received information on waiving the University Student Health Insurance.  If you are a student with guaranteed funding, you will not be able to waive this until you enroll in GSHIP (Graduate Student Health Insurance Program: a.k.a. The RA/TA Health Insurance).  Deadline for waiting is 10 Sept.  GSHIP enrollment information will be available mid-July.

GSHIP Verification and Enrollment Form

Waiver Deadline: Sept. 12, 2016

Registration Information

Course registration is done through the Student Center (top green button on right side) in ConnectCarolina using your onyen and your onyen password.  A full time course load for graduate students is three (3) courses or nine (9) hours.  Registration for Fall 2015 is now open.

Pre-payment for tuition & fees began July 23, 2016.  Students who did not register before this date must pre-pay or provide proof of financial aid or funding prior to registering.

Funded Graduate Students:  For those graduate students who have guaranteed funding, your name will be sent to the cashier’s office so the hold can be removed.  After which, you will be able to register for courses.  Non-guaranteed supported student must pre-pay tuition and fees before you will be able to register.

Registration Information page (Office of the University Registrar)

Tuition and Fees 2016-2017

How to lift a Pre-Pay Hold

Academic Adviser Hold
First year graduate students have an adviser hold on their registration.  In order for this to be removed, you must speak with your assigned CS academic adviser regarding your initial program of student along with the courses you wish to take during the term.  Once that has been done, your adviser can email me requesting the hold be removed.  Once I hear directly from the adviser, I will remove the hold and you will be able to register if no other holds are on your account.  Meetings between you and your adviser can be done in person, over the phone, or electronically.

**Note:  if you wish to enroll earlier (and before the pre-pay period), email Jodie (**


International Student Information

The OISSS web page as important information for new students.  All international students should already be familiar with this information.  Be sure to complete the items on the International Student Orientation Checklist – Fall 2016 (coming soon).

New International Student FAQ

SEVIS Responsibilities – Fall 2015

Check in with ISSS

ISSS Orientation

Helpful Information


Graduate Student Guide – Includes information on and about campus, Chapel Hill, funding, housing for graduate students, and the transit system.

The Graduate Student Handbook – contains most of the policies and procedures you need to know of and about The Graduate School.  This can answer a lot of questions you will have so I encourage you to refer to it often.

Fall 2016 Academic calendar – Includes very important dates and deadlines

Graduate & Professional Student FederationResource Guide for New Graduate Students.  Includes information on housing, transportation, finances & funding, and so much more great information



CS Student Disclosure Agreement

Address/Emergency Contact Information


 For students with an RA or TA position:  In order to be eligible to work and receive a paycheck the following MUST be completed.

DEADLINE:  August 17th – NO LATER

Instructions on how to Receive a Paycheck

Employee Information

Student Employee Certifications & Conditions of Appointment (COE)

NC-4 Withholding Allowance Certificate

W-4 Federal Withholding Allowance Certificate

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (required)

I-9 Verification – List of Acceptable Documents

Graduate Student Payroll Deduction Authorization Form (Optional)